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    Provider of functional nutrition advice and personalised wellness coaching

    - Unlock the full potential of your body -

  • Bodhi & Ride

    2017 - newest functional training partner

    Port Melbourne · Flagship

    416-418 Bay Street

    Port Melbourne 3207

    Bond Club (Sept 16) · Popup

    Bond Club Melbourne (one off)

  • Australia National Health Survey

    2014 - 2015

    Health risk factors

    ABS is releasing a short animated video to highlight findings on smoking, alcohol consumption and obesity.

  • Loveyourhealth.me

    2017 - Introduction of functional health assessment program

    Program #1: Digestive Healing - 14 Days

    Support and boost your body’s natural digestion and detoxification processes.

    Program #2: Wellness Kickstart - 7 Days UNLOCK

    Our 7 Day UNLOCK program is all about nourishing your body with the good stuff it needs to rest and recover.

    Let your body detox, replenish, and work its’ way towards balance again, leaving you renewed and energised.

    Program #3: Immunity Booster

    Support a healthy immune system, improve general wellbeing and recovery after exercise.

    More than 70% of your immune system resides in your gut.

    Program #4: 28 Days Weight Loss Competition

    This program is designed to motivate people to take the 1st step to change for better health and shape.

    Suitable for people who are not very fit / beginners.

    Healthy Recipes

    Delicious, easy recipes that utilise both traditional nutrient-dense and current superfoods.

  • Search4warriors

    Launched internationally since 2015 in five countries and counting!

    3 month exercise program combined with...

    (Includes online coaches, ambassador support and an online mindset program)

    3 month diet and recovery plan - the perfect match

    (Based on the updated Healthy Eating Pyramid formulated by

    the Harvard School of Public Health | Department of Nutrition)

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